Form Instructions SS-4
Form Instructions SS-4

Editable IRS Instructions SS-4 for 2017-2019

What Is Instructions SS-4

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Form Instructions SS-4

Hello Internet it's Jim Bakker here I'm making a quick video to go over how foreign owned u.s. single member LLC's and I guess multi member LLC's partnerships can get a u.s. for a US tax ID number this is required if you have a u.s. LLC for compliance for opening a bank account for getting your forms 50 for 72 in and it's not necessarily a complicated process well it is complicated but it's I'm explaining to you how to do it too uncomplicated so this is the form form access for you can google it that's all I did it came up here well let's say it was let's take a step take a step back first you need to set up your entity with getting articles get the corporate documents the LLC documents from whatever state you decide to create your LLC in many of my clients go with Delaware or some with Nevada some locally and depending where they're doing business but generally now I'm missing in Delaware just because of the different reasons the case law and different support but anyways you show up your element you Delaware LLC gonna have the owner and now you can fill out your SS for to get your tax ID your employer ID number it's gonna be up here so you need to put in your legal name I'm gonna call mine Jim Jim's uh OSI trade name I'm executive mailing address address city state was it the trooper business created us a name of risk oh no no no County excuse me County would be my County so it's the county of warrior mailing addresses so if you're using a del reloj C you'll have a registered agent out there and you'll use their address and you'll use their County so I'm looking at one I did recently just as a as a note so you can put the county and you should be able get that all from the registered agent the name of a responsible party your maker now I'm if you're a foreign person I'm assuming you don't have a social or ITIN or an EIN and that's really the whole reason that you have to go this route to complete this form because if you have one you can just get this some done an IRS website here you have a social in the u.s. system and you're already in the system you don't really need to do it this way so we're gonna turn LOC this application for a limited liability company yes a number of members if it's a single member it's only gonna have one if it's multi it's gonna be a partnership so you know if it's multi member if you organize the United States yes so we're talking about single member LLC's so that's nothing on this list and down here if you have multi members if you had two you'd put a partnership but because it's